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I’m not sure when my love of writing began. Perhaps the seeds were planted at a young age when, during moments of boredom, my mother suggested I write a story about our family’s day trip, accompanied by our cat named Tiger.

In later years, I created stories to use in my writing and speaking. Eventually I co-authored two biblically based courses to help women discover God’s mission for them.

When cascading losses in my family thrust me into unexpected grieving seasons, God developed a story in me that spread across the pages of my first personal book, Life through Loss: Facing Your Pain, Finding Your Purpose. My heart's cry to those who think there's no hope is to take one small step into God’s new plan. He is waiting for them just around the bend.

More recently, God revealed that I lived in captivity where fear of rejection prevented me from being the real person I am. He has taught me how to walk in freedom, rather than hiding from others. Now I'm passionate about showing other people who struggle with the fear of rejection that God will help them walk out of their self-made prison, break strongholds, and taste the freedom that will allow them to become who He made them to be. My story, and the stories of many others, are told in my latest book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising Above the Fear of Rejection. 

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