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Gail tells about many of her life experiences and her passion for writing her books:
*Will the Real Person Please Stand Up* and *Life Through Loss*.

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Gail reveals how she discovered the path to freedom that allows her to be the Real Person God intended her to be.


Inspirational Speaker

Gail is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader. She has spoken and ministered to women in the U.S., as well as internationally, during the 50 years she served with the Cru ministry.

As an author of two books, and co-author of two other books, her passion for helping others is obvious in her writing as well as her speaking.

She especially enjoys speaking to people who struggle with the fear of rejection, because she knows from personal experience how devastating it is to live under the power of that fear. Her story of freedom and practical steps to come out of hiding and find the path to freedom fill the pages of her newest book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up: Rising Above the Fear of Rejection.

Gail's experience of facing cascading losses in her family, created a deep and genuine desire to show other people know how to pass through their grieving season and step with courage into God's new plan for them.  Her book, Life through Loss: Facing your Pain, Finding your Purpose, has opened opportunities to speak to groups as well as minister to individuals. With personal conviction, she tells grieving people, "Life may be waiting for you just around the bend."

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Gail speaks at women’s conferences,
church and community events, in corporate settings,
and in group gatherings. She is also an experienced
workshop leader
and retreat speaker.

Some of her favorite topics:

♦ Freedom from the Fear of Rejection

♦ From Hiding to Horizons

♦ Who is the Real You?

♦ Discovering Your Purpose

♦ Finding Life through Loss

♦ Growing Deeper in Christ

♦ Building Bridges of Harmony

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