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Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?
Rising Above the Fear of Rejection

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? offers much-needed hope to those who long to be set free from the fear of rejection and become their authentic selves. In this life-changing book you will read Gail’s own experiences, stories of real people, and input from those in the medical field. Gail walks you through the process of identifying and acknowledging what holds you captive so you can live in freedom rather than in fear.

The chapter-end questions make this book easy to use in a small group setting. The Journal Your Journey helps readers preserve their notes and discoveries from their group interaction during the three sections: Living in Captivity, Breaking Strongholds, and Tasting Freedom.

With God’s help, you can escape captivity and experience freedom to become the person God intended you to be. Get ready to stand up and say, “This is the real me."

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Scott ∼  “The world waits for the ‘real you’ to emerge and rise up to fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose. Gail has brilliantly given us the master plan. Read it, live it, see it change your life.” 

Dena “Many will relate to living in isolation rather than taking the risk of being their authentic selves. Gail reminds us that the One who matters most has loved us all along, faults included. I have no doubt Gail’s writings will inspire many to rise above the fear of rejection and live the life of freedom God intended.

Jeanne   “Gail teaches her readers how to embrace the present without encumbrances of the past. With practical, action-based steps, we learn to climb mountains with new determination and anticipate our futures with joy.” 

Life Through Loss:
Facing Your Pain, Finding Your Purpose

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Loss invades our lives without permission. It arrives unsolicited and unwelcomed, bringing pain, devastation, and despair. When loved ones die, those left behind often ask, “How will I survive without them?” “How will I face another day?"

Deep grief and razor-sharp pain threatened to overcome Gail. Cascading illness and death in her family eroded her walls of aloofness and thrust her toward a frightening crossroads. Would she choose to remain a spectator, or step onto a new path as a participant in the lives of her family members who had been left behind? True life awaited her if she had the courage to follow God’s leading.


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(Click on the "Review" button next to the book cover
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Dena “Your stories, so beautifully told, are stirring up some unresolved grief that I have over both of my parents’ death. I'm curious to see how the Lord will speak to me. I believe [your book] is going to help a lot of people with their own grief, including me!" 

Ross   “We’ve been able to face the loss of our daughter, because you showed us how you processed your grief.” 

Ann   "Your experiences and ways of pointing us to the Lord and His healing are indeed lifting and healing.”