Dancing to the Music

As a ballroom dancer, I was intrigued by this challenge.

Life does play whatever music it wants. Some tunes may prompt us to drop what we’re doing, cast our cares aside, and move with abandonment. Melodious sounds might cause us to slow down and dream of what could be, while we sway from side to side. Music in a minor key might remind us of discord and strife. However, hearing that kind of music can motivate us to spring into action and bring about needed change.

No matter what music you hear, you have an opportunity to choose your dance and let our own unique personality flow out. That smile bubbling up from within you may be the light someone needs. Staccato movements that show a dramatic side of you might inspire others to try something new. When you dance with peaceful and gliding steps, without allowing the world to pull you into its battles, others may seek peaceful solutions for their difficult relationships or circumstances.    

We have a personal choice: behave the way the world dictates, or live the way God intends. Along the way, we will meet cooperative, accommodating, inviting, warm, and friendly people. But what about difficult people? How should we respond to them? My answer came through a story I heard recently.    

A man walked down the street with his friend. The friend paused at a newsstand and greeted the seller with a smile and a friendly, “Good morning.” Instead of reciprocating, the disgruntled person scowled at him, grabbed his money, and slapped the morning paper into his hand.

As they walked away, the man asked his friend if that person always treated him so roughly. The friend affirmed it was a daily occurrence. The next question was, “Are you always courteous and friendly to him like you were just now?”

“Yes, I am.”

Puzzled, the man asked, “Why are you so nice when he is so rude?”

The friend responded, “Because I don’t want him to decide how I’m going to act.”

Learning about this man’s daily choice in an unpleasant setting, changed my perspective. I am more determined to respond to people in a consistent way that honors God, no matter what they may say or do that challenges my way of life.

We can’t avoid hearing the music of the world, but we can choose how we dance to it. Can you think of a situation when you stayed strong and chose your own way to dance to life’s music?   

Published by Gail Porter

Gail Porter is an author, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader. Her latest book is Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising Above the Fear of Rejection.


  • Linnea

    September 6, 2020 at 2:07 PM Reply

    My take away : “…I don’t want him to decide how I’m going to act”.

    • Gail Porter

      September 6, 2020 at 2:51 PM Reply

      Wonderful to hear, Linnea, that you’ve adopted this as your take away!

  • Dayle Rogers

    September 7, 2020 at 2:15 PM Reply

    I LOVE THIS! Such a sweet picture of choice and opportunity–the reality of God in our every situation. Thanks for these wonderful insights, my friend.

    • Gail Porter

      October 12, 2020 at 11:07 PM Reply

      Dayle, somehow I missed your comment earlier! So glad you enjoyed this blog about our choices. Grateful that we can exchange insights with each other!

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