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You may remember that my April Monthly Musings centered on the disciple Peter, who floundered after the death of his friend, Jesus. As he stood at the sea, he announced to his friends, “I’m going fishing.” A decision that would take him back to his old, familiar way of life. 

Here was my response to that scene: “I pondered what my own future would look like. When the doors of confinement are flung open, would I return to ‘fishing as usual,’ or would I choose to leave my safety net—my familiar, normal way of living—and walk into God’s future for me?”

At the end of my blog, I presented us with a challenge: “Let’s walk away from our nets—our familiar way of living—and step into the new lifestyle God has prepared for us.”

Now, let me tell you what happened after I pushed the send button for my April Musings.

When I began reading my emails, the first message presented an unusual, exciting opportunity. However, instead of responding with an enthusiastic yes and stepping forwardas I had encouraged you to do only minutes before—I gasped and said to myself, “No! I can’t do that!”

Most likely, God smiled at the refusal. After calming down from my initial outburst, I talked to God, who gently reminded me that I had prayed for more speaking engagements. The light went on. 

The email contained an invitation from Mike Gilland, the station manager of Shepherd Radio in Orlando, to be his guest on the “Afternoons with Mike” segment. “What day is most convenient for you to record the 50-minute interview?” he asked.

I emailed him, “Wednesday morning would work well,” 

Although I’d done several radio interviews in the past, being part of a broadcast in my home area seemed intimidating. After emailing my friends about this newest adventure, and admitting my nervousness, I asked them to pray for confidence, courage, and ability.

My favorite response to this prayer request came from Pat Hunt:

“Thank you, Gail, for branching out and reaching out to a ‘hurting world.’  I'm praying you will know the fruits of your boldness and faithfulness in answering the call from our Lord. I'll look forward to receiving the link to the interview.”

The radio interview with Mike Gilland turned into one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences I’ve had so far. One reason for my pleasure surely flowed from my willingness to finally obey God’s call. The interview allowed me to highlight some of the amazing ways God has worked in my life. Mike opened the way to tell listeners how I met Jesus; some of my experiences from 50 years of serving with Campus Crusade/Cru in the US and the Philippines; and the backstory and my passion for writing my two books.

Everyone's prayers transformed the interview into something beautiful and memorable. The responses amazed me.   

“Wonderful, inspiring, and gratifying talk, Gail. So from the heart and so personal. I'll be sharing it.’

“What a wonderful interview! The sound was so clear and the interviewer was truly prepared to ask good questions.
You were amazingly clear in sharing your work and powerful walk with Jesus and trust in God.”

“Wonderful! Amazing!  I listened to the whole broadcast and I'm so proud of you.
You did a great job and the interview was very meaningful and well done.”

“I enjoyed listening to the radio interview. How pleasing to see that God is greatly using you now as an author.
It is so exciting to see how the Holy Spirit weaves all the parts of our lives together as we continue
in our process of growth as ‘fishers of men’! I will continue to pray for God to bless your ministry!”

 “I'm praying for the same spirit of faithfulness and devotion in anything God calls me to do
regardless if it's big or small.”

Last week, I had another chance to “walk into God’s future.” Athena Dean Holtz, author and owner of Redemption Press, asked to interview me for her All Things Podcast. This time, instead of hesitating, I agreed immediately because I recognized this was part of God's plan for my life. 

Have you stepped into something new or unexpected recently? Share about your experience or leave your thoughts about this blog in the comment box below.


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