The Faithful One

This is such a beautiful time of year when we consciously take time to focus on family and friends. And we ponder the significance of the season...the birth of Jesus, our Savior and Lord. He was born to die for us so that we could know God personally, without our sin separating us from Him. Because of Jesus we are able to enjoy an intimate relationship with God, our Father.

A friend sent me this Christmas greeting that highlights truths about Jesus that we may forget during our busy lives. I wanted to share it with you because it reminds us how blessed we are to know Jesus, The FAITHFUL ONE!  

Jesus the faithful one christmas card.

As this year ends, I hope we will take time to recall the amazing things God has done for us during 2023. Some experiences were joy-filled; others were sorrowful. Yet, God has been with us in each experience, whether to celebrate or to bring comfort. God wants us to remember this year.

As 2024 approaches, God wants us to look forward. To anticipate, to hope, to dream. To open ourselves to new challenges and walk through open doors. Ask God to prepare you for what lies ahead. He has plans for you so listen carefully to His Holy Spirit. God wants us to follow Him into the New Year. 

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Gail Porter is an author, inspirational speaker, and workshop leader. Her latest book is Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising Above the Fear of Rejection.

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